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Junior Club Volleyball Camps & Classes

The Starter Club's goal is to share our passion for the game and create a diverse,fun-first volleyball culture while introducing fundamentals and advanced skills. Our club is designed to help players improve their serving, passing, setting, attacking, defensive skills and understanding the rules of sand volleyball.

The biggest difference between traditional indoor clubs and The Starter Club is relax atmosphere of not trying out or worrying about making the team. All members receive a t-shirt, profile photo and become part of the team on Instagram. There are no additional charges for knee pads, jersey or shoes. Some players prefer to wear Sand Socks but they are completely optional.

What To Expect The First Day
We recommend that the players bring a water bottle and a towel and wear athletic attire. Other than purchasing Sand Socks & a volleyball for personal use, most players are good to go. Parents may visit our VolleyShop for jerseys, hoodies, hats, volleyball bags, etc. Paid members will receive a t-shirt and are welcome to change into The Sand Club shirt to take a profile photo that same day or any of the days that follow. The head coaches will take attendance and begin class immediately following their roster check. Players are then divided onto one of four courts depending on their age or skill level. More advanced players will be encouraged to register for The Sand Club Academy. Our head coaches will then lead all the players in fun drills and conditioning for specific beach volleyball skills.

Upcoming Sessions
Players will be required to purchase an annual membership for $20 that will include player's insurance and t-shirt for new players. All head coaches are USAV IMPACT certified with background checks and fingerprint clearance card.

Mesquite Beach
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Discovery Park
Beach Team Spring & Summer Camps
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